A competition to support and encourage the re-education of racehorses

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The Racehorse to Riding horse competitions encompass most of the equestrian disciplines.

Whether you compete at a multi-discipline level or want to ride your horse at the Horse of the Year Show there is a way to participate and show off how re-trainable an ex-racehorse can be.

The South Essex Insurance Brokers series offers two different types of competition;

The Racehorse to Riding Horses Performance Horse Championship and The Racehorse to Riding Horses Show Championship which culminates at the Horse of the Year Show and both are open to professionals as well as amateurs.

This is a competition to support and encourage the re-education of racehorses taken out of racing and re-educated for social riding, affiliated or combined discipline (unaffiliated) competition.

HOYS Show Championship

The Racehorse to Riding Horse HOYS Show Championship is a series for thoroughbreds that have raced in either Point to Point, Flat or National Hunt Racing.

The competition is open to amateurs and professionals.

The class is called the South Essex Insurance Brokers HOYS Racehorse to Riding Horse Show Championship and the format of judging will be as for a riding horse class but the best of type will win. Therefore, if you have a hunter, hack or riding horse that has raced you are eligible to compete and the best horse on the day will be the winner.

Competitors must bring the horse’s passport to the qualifier and please bring a photocopy to be left with the secretary. A copy of the passport will have to be produced before an entry can be accepted at Horse of the Year Show.

Horses must be over 4 years old and 148cms or over, riders must be 15 years old and over. The first two horses will go forward to Horse of the Year Show; if the first two horses have already qualified, horses down the line to sixth place will be eligible to compete at the HOYS Championship at judges discretion.